Homeowners Transform Lakeside Backyard with County Materials’ Concrete Landscape Products
June 12, 2023

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Homeowners Transform Lakeside Backyard with County Materials’ Concrete Landscape Products

To mitigate drainage and erosion problems, these Wisconsin homeowners decided to install a new walkway and patio in their lakeside backyard. Matching the aesthetic of an existing concrete retaining wall was a priority, and the homeowners found a solution with County Materials’ collection of concrete landscape products.

To ensure proper drainage in the sloping backyard, a full permeable base was installed below the raised patio. With the exposed bed of gravel providing visual variety, the homeowner chose pavers with subtle colors and textures for the walkway and patio. Grand Discover® Pavers in Enlighten were used for the bulk of the walkway and patio, with a combination of two sizes of Elements™ Paving Stones in Vision forming an attractive border. The pavers’ dimensional compatibility made it easy to highlight the contours of the backyard with a one-of-a-kind design.

The patio was enhanced with a circular fire pit built with Summit Stone® Landscape Units in Haven and Vision. The rich, earthy Haven units provided a close color match to the existing retaining wall. The fire pit was crowned with a layer of Summit Stone units in Vision, matching the border of the walkway and providing visual unity throughout the backyard.

The final piece of this backyard transformation was a staircase leading to the beach. Made with Crest™ Bullnose Pavers in Haven, the convex curve of each step creates an enticing access point to the beach. With their drainage issues resolved, these homeowners were delighted with the finished product.

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