Hollowcore Roof & Floor Systems Offer Versatility for Demanding Multi-tenant and Mixed-use Buildings
January 10, 2020

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Hollowcore Roof & Floor Systems Offer Versatility for Demanding Multi-tenant and Mixed-use Buildings

Major cities, mid-sized towns and small communities alike are seeing a surplus of new development. A common trend among today’s construction includes multi-tenant and often mixed-use buildings. These buildings frequently require unique floor plans and wide-open spaces to accommodate future lessees. 

Building designers are relying on hollowcore plank more than ever to overcome these challenges.

Hollowcore plank gets its strength from pretensioned steel strands that are embedded in high strength concrete. Continuous voids in the planks reduce their overall weight, allowing for high load capacities over wide expanses. 

Hollowcore Roof & Floor Systems manufactured by County Materials are used in conjunction with concrete columns and beams to create an all in one system for a building’s structure. In addition to concrete columns and beams, hollowcore plank is compatible with other building materials, including concrete masonry, steel framing and cast-in-place wall systems. This versatility offers designers a flexible solution for any job. 

County Materials manufactures hollowcore plank in depths of 8”, 10” and 12”. The 12” plank allows for spans up to 44’ at 50 psf. This ability to create large, unobstructed spaces results in eliminating or reducing the need for extra supporting columns and beams, or interior walls—ideal for parking structures, high-rise offices, multi-unit housing, hotels and more.

County Materials works directly with design teams to accommodate unique corners and angles and work around required obstructions, and manufacture hollowcore to meet these stringent demands. This means hollowcore will arrive onsite pre-cut to fit the space—saving time and cost during construction. 

Projects that are finished faster mean a better return on investment. Earlier occupancy generates revenue sooner and helps ensure better sale and resale values. In addition, maximizing space by specifying hollowcore allows for more tenants, and thus more income. 

County Material’s experience design team gets involved early in the planning stages to assist designers from start to finish. Our team provides comprehensive estimates, detailed drawings, scheduling and proper installation methods for a successful project. And, to ensure maximum product and building performance, we partner with an experienced erection crew for proper field installation.

Contact County Materials today to speak with our design team for your next development. Our Hollowcore Roof & Floor Systems production facility in Roberts, WI serves the upper Midwest. Our team can be reached by calling (800) 426-1126.