Hollowcore Proves Safe and Efficient for Multifamily Complexes
October 12, 2021

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Hollowcore Proves Safe and Efficient for Multifamily Complexes

When constructing multifamily complexes, construction professionals seek materials that are reliable and safe, and also efficient to meet aggressive construction schedules. 

County Materials’ Hollowcore is cut to specification during production and ready for installation upon arrival, requiring less on-site cutting by subcontractors and reducing time and labor costs on site. The inherent efficiency of hollowcore enhances speed and ease of installation. Hollowcore planks provide a stable work deck once erected and allow trades earlier building access. 

Hollowcore is an inherently strong material with proven resilience and the preferred choice for multifamily complex podium structures. The planks’ prestressed fabrication supports heavy loads above and maximizes functional space. With fire rating up to three hours and inherent resistance to rot and pests, hollowcore provides extra safety precautions to building tenants. Hollowcore maintains comfortable indoor temperatures to enhance tenant comfort. 

Applewood Pointe Cooperative, in Eden Prairie, MN, is a senior living community that offers amenities like woodworking shops, raised garden beds, and luxurious lounges. County Materials' hollowcore was specified for this project because of its fire-resistant nature and long-term durability, which will keep future residents safe for decades to come. To learn more about this project view the case study.

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