Hollowcore Offers Podium Solution for Multifamily and Mixed-Use Complexes
November 5, 2021

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Hollowcore Offers Podium Solution for Multifamily and Mixed-Use Complexes

Communities across the country are growing exponentially. In response, multifamily and mixed-use complexes are being constructed to accommodate residential needs and provide commercial spaces for companies. These buildings require high performance products that offer design flexibility and efficiency during construction. 

Construction professionals specify hollowcore to overcome these challenges. Providing unmatched strength, County Materials’ Hollowcore can support high load capacities across wide spans for unlimited project applications. Prestressed hollowcore plank is compatible with diverse building materials including, concrete masonry, steel framing, and cast-in-place concrete wall systems. 

Hollowcore also provides unmatched occupant safety and comfort advantages. This efficient building material enhances occupant safety with fire ratings of up to three hours and comfort with its ability to maintain indoor temperatures and reduce sound transmission. 

Efficient construction materials are essential in meeting construction schedules and can contribute to an earlier return on investment. County Materials’ Hollowcore arrives on site ready for installation, saving cost and time. Once installed, hollowcore provides a stable working deck and allows trades earlier access. 

Use County Materials’ Hollowcore for your next hollowcore project by contacting our team at (800) 426-1126.