Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick is at the Top of its Class
January 22, 2018

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Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick is at the Top of its Class

When it comes to quality school construction, Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick is at the top of its class. Designers must fulfill many requirements when planning a new school, and many times on a tight budget. Heritage Brick offers an affordable product with maximum quality and lasting durability, which is why millions of Heritage Brick units have been successfully installed across the nation. Below are several of the reasons why designers are specifying Heritage Brick as a preferred choice in school construction.

Cost Benefits

Beyond having a lower upfront cost than alternative materials, Heritage Bricks offer a multitude of cost savings that will continue throughout the life of a building. Concrete masonry buildings offer higher R-values and thermal massing that contributes to reduced energy costs. Masonry’s high fire ratings and durability can help save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums; and if you ask any school district’s buildings and grounds supervisor, they will tell you thousands can be saved per year by not having to patch, repair, replace and paint non-masonry interior partitions. Lastly, Heritage Brick prevents mold from taking root, which improves indoor air quality and health.

Abuse Resistance

Withstanding extreme weather conditions, vandalism, the daily wear from students, and regular maintenance is a must for building products used in school construction. Our manufacturing process produces concrete brick that meets ASTM standards and is specified by construction professionals with confidence.

Acoustical Properties

Kids will be kids, which means schools can get noisy. When one classroom is taking a big test, the room next door could be doing a loud hands-on activity. Masonry’s dense composition helps keep sound at a minimum. Heritage Brick meets the challenges of loud classrooms and passes government guidelines and codes for interior and exterior walls.

Design Flexibility

Heritage Brick is available in a multitude of shapes and sizes for ultimate design flexibility. Whether a project requires structural load-bearing or veneer units, our concrete brick are readily available. In addition, Heritage Brick can be ordered in sizes ranging from 35/8” x 21/4” x 75/8” Modular Brick to the hefty 12” x 4” x 16” unit. Many times, in school construction designers look to the larger sized units to break up massing and reduce installation costs—the larger the unit, the more square feet can be laid at a time, which will greatly reduce labor costs.