Face-Mix Technology for Concrete Pavers
July 27, 2018

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Face-Mix Technology for Concrete Pavers

County Materials only manufactures our inherently strong and high performing concrete pavers and slabs using face-mix technology. Face-mix technology is a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that results in a two-layer unit with focused color and aesthetics on the surface and high compressive strength in the base. Made possible with an advanced and automated process, face-mix technology concentrates the purest color pigments, finest aggregates and a dense concrete mix in the top surface layer of each unit where it matters most. Then, larger aggregates are included in the base mix imparting added strength that meets ICPI and ASTM standards. When compared to a single-mix paver, face-mix technology will continue to provide vibrant color and strength through years of wear and tear.

Our face-mix is integrally bonded to the base mix offering exceptional durability combined with outstanding aesthetics for any application. Our commitment to manufacturing excellence doesn’t stop with surface beauty. Our pavers and slabs repel stains and withstand everyday wear and tear, offering lasting durability, from light pedestrian to heavy vehicular applications. Their high strength combined with non-fading colors and natural beauty will stand the test of time. They possess extremely accurate dimensional tolerances, higher surface density, and absorption and abrasion resistance. Our pavers are further enhanced by their appealing and sought-after aesthetics, unique to North American.

Lasting durability is one of the top qualities to consider when selecting the right materials for everything from small backyard patios to public plazas. With face-mix technology you can be sure they will stand the test of time. County Materials pavers and slabs are manufactured to meet industry standards for strength, absorption, and are backed by our customer warranty.