Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space with Dimensionally Compatible Pavers from County Materials
January 13, 2023

Categories | Landscape

Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space with Dimensionally Compatible Pavers from County Materials

Hardscape professionals are challenged with transforming outdoor spaces but are sometimes limited with sizes, colors, and textures within the same product line. Details matter – thats why we designed a comprehensive collection of landscape products to help build custom, comfortable, time-tested outdoor spaces. 

Endless design options and durability

County Materials crafts a collection of nine dimensionally compatible paver lines, including Discover® Pavers, Grand Discover® Pavers, Grand Discover® XL Pavers, Vantage Pavers®, Grand Vantage® Pavers, Grand Fusion™ Pavers, Elements™ Paving Stones, Glow Path Technology™, and Grand Tranquility® Pavers. Our dimensionally compatible paver series simplify the material selection and design process, and can create endless designs using different size modules, colors, and textures while offering enhanced strength and durability. Our products stand up to the effects of time, weathering from Mother Nature, and abrasion from frequent usage in everyday family life. The high density of our pavers and slabs resists cracking and damage from freeze/ thaw cycles and meets industry standards for strength and absorption. 

Compatibility and easy installation

These units are designed for easy installation and allow different components to work together easily, despite differences in size. County Materialsdimensionally compatible paver lines are purposefully crafted in various fixed dimensions. The pavers can be used independently or with other compatible lines, patio stones, retaining walls, step units, and related accessories. Compatibility and easy installation give our customers the perfect outdoor living space to gather with friends and family and make memories in inspiring outdoor living spaces.

Improve efficiency and decrease costs

Concrete pavers can be installed using a wide variety of layout dimensions. Weve intentionally manufactured Discover, Grand Tranquility, Discover, Vantage, Grand Fusion, and Elements paver lines with dimensional compatibility in mind for maximum construction efficiency and economy. You can improve installation efficiency, reduce cutting and waste, and lower costs with dimensionally compatible concrete pavers. 

Use County Materials’ dimensionally compatible concrete pavers for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (800) 242-7733.