County Materials’ Vibrant, Durable Concrete Landscape Products Transform Minnesota Backyard
February 24, 2023

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County Materials’ Vibrant, Durable Concrete Landscape Products Transform Minnesota Backyard

These Minnesota homeowners were drawn to the vibrant colors and unmatched durability of County Materials’ concrete landscape products for their backyard patio transformation.

The homeowners chose Grand Discover® Pavers in Timeless for the surface of their 2,000-square-foot patio. The focal point of the design is a custom gas fire pit, carved from a granite and quartz glacial boulder. With a color palette inspired by natural rock and a design featuring organic, curving lines, concrete landscape products complement the natural elements of the patio.

A two-tone border made from Discover® Pavers in Intention and Reflection surrounds the fire pit, defining the space. The same combination of pavers forms a walkway that connects the front entrance of the home to the back patio, tying the design together.

To maximize usable space in the sloping backyard, the homeowners incorporated a Tribute® Retaining Wall System in Graphite. The wall features a built-in gas grill and separates a terraced natural area from a curving ramp that leads to the rest of the backyard. Accent lights installed under the cap of the retaining wall enhance nighttime visibility and safety for guests.

Tribute units were also used to form a freestanding seat wall that curves around the fire pit, offering additional seating and further defining the space.

Designed to withstand wear and freeze/thaw cycles, concrete landscape products are well-suited for outdoor living spaces in the Upper Midwest.

The use of dimensionally compatible pavers helped accelerate this project. The oversized dimensions of Grand Discover Pavers enable them to cover larger areas with fewer units. Additionally, the ready availability of County Materials’ landscape products meant there were no delays waiting for materials. The homeowners were pleased with the efficient installation and look forward to enjoying their new outdoor living space for many seasons.

To use County Materials’ concrete landscape products for your next project, contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 242-7733. View additional photos of the Vergus Avenue Residence patio.