County Materials Supports Sheboygan, Wisconsin ADA Accessible Playground
November 19, 2021

Categories | Community & Education

County Materials Supports Sheboygan, Wisconsin ADA Accessible Playground

Shaw Family Playground is a fully ADA accessible playground in Sheboygan, WI. The park was founded by Angie and Ryan Shaw, the parents of conjoined twins, Mateo and McHale, who are the inspiration behind the park’s design. The playground aims to remove barriers and allow children the opportunity to experience unorganized, imaginative play alongside their peers on safe and accessible playground equipment. 

With the support of County Materials, through the Sonnentag Foundation, Shaw Family Playground has been open since 2018 for children and families of all abilities. To further develop the park, the community raised funds to build an on-site shelter and restroom facility. Over the last few years, the Shaw Family Playground has created new memories and experiences for thousands of people living with disabilities in Sheboygan County. 

This year, in celebration of our company’s 75th anniversary, County Materials is committed to share 75 Stories of Impact, featuring organizations that receive funding from the Sonnentag Foundation and are part of the communities where we have locations.