County Materials Supports Inclusive Community Playground in Salem, IL
April 6, 2021

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County Materials Supports Inclusive Community Playground in Salem, IL

Many families in Salem, IL dreamt of building an inclusive playground in their community and worked with the Salem City Council to approve the construction of Addy and Friends Inclusive Playground in Bryan Memorial Park. The Greater Salem Area Foundation, a nonprofit organization, facilitated the planning, development, and fundraising for the $350,000 park. County Materials recognized the project’s value for the local community and contributed to the fundraising effort through its philanthropic arm, the Sonnentag Foundation.

Inclusive playgrounds provide a safe, fun environment for children and adults of all abilities to experience creative play without limitations. They include features many parks do not have, such as ADA-accessible parking and sidewalks, soft solid playground surfacing for fall relief, wheelchair, stroller, and walker access, access ramps for slides and other play structures, roller slides with metal pipes that produce less static and prevent cochlear implants from shorting out, and harnessed swings. Addy and Friends Inclusive Playground plans to open in the summer of 2021.

This year, in celebration of our company’s 75th anniversary, County Materials is committed to share 75 Stories of Impact, featuring organizations that receive funding from the Sonnentag Foundation and are part of the communities where we have locations.

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