County Materials Rolls Out New 2020 Landscape Products
May 19, 2020

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County Materials Rolls Out New 2020 Landscape Products

The County Materials team values the partnerships we build with our customers and end users. From the construction and landscape industry professionals, to the families and business owners we serve across the country, we pride ourselves on being your material supplier of choice for landscape products that make up your ideal outdoor spaces.

This year we’re proud to introduce four new products and a whole line of new colors to help our customers and end users create beautiful, long-lasting outdoor spaces. You can view them here.

Influence Pavers: Influence Pavers feature crisp edges and a clean linear feel. Their five plank-style shapes minimize joint lines and lend themselves to invent interesting patterns using different color and texture combinations.

Passageways Step Units: Passageways Step Units feature a natural textured face and tread, clean lines, a modular shape and larger size. Installation is faster and applications are endless while ensuring a solid and safe footing leading to front entrances, along terraced walks, and down steep slopes.

Vantage Pavers: Vantage Pavers offer a striking surface texture that makes a big statement in your outdoor space. It is offered in two size modules; Grand Vantage Pavers are larger paving stones, and Vantage Pavers offer more traditional paver sizes. Manufactured as three-piece modules, Grand Vantage and Vantage Pavers can be used alone or melded together to create one-of-a-kind installations that leave a lasting impression.

Discover Pavers: Discover Pavers offer a modern impression, imparted from the fine-finish smooth surface and their simplicity of scale with two size modules, Discover Pavers are all about the details that make you stop and take notice. Grand Discover Pavers offer larger paving stone sizes, and Discover Pavers offer more traditional paver sizes. Both are three-piece modules that can be used alone or mixed and matched to maximize their impact.

We are excited to offer these products, and a new range of stunning colors to help our customers and end users bring their vision to life. We invite you to take a look at our new product and color line in the 2020 Landscape Catalog.