County Materials Releases New Products in  2022 Residential Landscape Inspiration Catalog
January 25, 2022

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County Materials Releases New Products in 2022 Residential Landscape Inspiration Catalog

With more than 75 years of experience, County Materials crafts long-lasting landscape products that are used and loved by families across the country. We continue to evolve our landscape product line to introduce new products and colors that encourage lingering outdoors, creating memories, and sharing time with loved ones.

2022 Residential Landscape Catalog

We are proud to introduce the following products in this year’s catalog:

Grand Discover® XL Pavers 
Grand Discover XL Pavers offer a smooth, sought-after surface texture in extra-large, long units. These pavers can be used alone or melded with compatible pavers to create one-of-a-kind installations.

Grand Tranquility® Pavers
Our Grand Tranquility Pavers are created with clean lines for a refined expression of style. Each paver is manufactured to withstand abrasion and high-traffic use and ensure steady footing with their non-slip surface.

Grand Fusion™ Pavers
Grand Fusion Pavers bring a new level of interest and refinement to concrete pavers by combining two distinct textures in one module. Inspired by subtle textures found in the home, Grand Fusion Pavers fuse the aesthetic of a structured surface, with alternating fields that replicate pebbled leather and striated textiles, and the enhanced performance of exterior concrete. Grand Fusion Pavers are larger in size and feature contemporary textures that provide a slip-resistant surface.

Tribute® Smooth Retaining and Freestanding Wall System
Tribute Smooth Retaining Wall Systems offer a clean aesthetic. Featuring multiple pin grooves on the top surface, these units allow a combination of retaining and freestanding wall options. Tribute Smooth units can be efficiently split in half in the field to construct pillars and wall accents

Prestige™ Pool Coping 
Prestige Pool Coping, with its longer, bullnose shape, is uniquely suited for pool coping applications to finish pool edges with refined style. Units are also suitable for steps, freestanding wall caps, and more.

Square Fire Pit Kits
We are introducing new fire pit kits featuring our Summit Stone and Tribute Smooth units. Top off with a specially designed fire ring cap, and you’ll be ready to relax around your backyard firepit with family and friends.