County Materials’ Reinforced Concrete Pipe Enhances Safety and Longevity of Indiana’s $320 Million I-65/I-70 Interchange Project
June 23, 2022

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County Materials’ Reinforced Concrete Pipe Enhances Safety and Longevity of Indiana’s $320 Million I-65/I-70 Interchange Project

The reconstruction of the I-65/I-70 interchange in downtown Indianapolis — one of the most heavily traveled and outdated interchanges in Indiana — called for high-strength, long-lasting materials that offer maximum performance and versatility. The $320 million infrastructure project spans two major interstates, 50 bridges, and two changes to access points, and required the construction of 40,000 lineal feet of new storm water infrastructure. 

The new interchange will offer drivers a safer commute to and through downtown Indianapolis, with reduced congestion and lessened curves around merges.

Throughout the expansive project, County Materials supported general contractor Superior Construction with innovative ideas, readily available materials, and timely updates about the delivery schedule. 

“County Materials is extremely proud to be part of such an influential infrastructure improvement for the greater downtown Indianapolis area,” says Sam Goff, Outside Sales Representative for County Materials. “We have worked diligently with Superior Construction to remain on schedule and keep them up to pace to finish the project in an adequate timeline. We look forward to seeing the finished product.”

County Materials’ Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Concrete Box Culverts, and precast components proved an ideal solution for this ambitious design-build project. The company manufactured and delivered more than 24,650 LF of RCP, nearly 400 feet of concrete box culverts, and more than 750 precast structures, including inlets, end caps, and manholes. Products were delivered to the job site as they were needed.

Engineered to last twice as long as other materials, RCP is the most durable and sustainable material for storm water infrastructure. Its strength and rigidity accommodate projects with short cover while still resisting floatation during major rain events to prevent washouts and floods.

Ari Miller, Superior Construction’s Assistant Project Manager, notes that the durability of RCP enhances job-site safety and streamlines installation. 

“It’s simple to install and it joints simply and efficiently,” Miller says.

With an extended service life of 100 years and minimal maintenance requirements, RCP is a reliable storm water solution that maximizes taxpayer value. 

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