County Materials Recognizes Team Members Involved in the  Noteworthy Mile-Long Bridge Project
November 3, 2021

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County Materials Recognizes Team Members Involved in the Noteworthy Mile-Long Bridge Project

For the past two years, County Materials has been manufacturing and delivering massive prestress girders for the reconstruction of the Mile-Long Bridge in Chicago, IL. This noteworthy project enabled County Materials to up the ante and produce the largest prestressed bridge girders in the Midwest to date, measuring 186.5 feet-long and 7.5 feet-tall at 245,000 pounds. Upon its 2023 completion, the Mile-Long Bridge will contain more than 520 prestress girders manufactured and delivered by County Materials.

County Materials’ Janesville, WI production facility overcame challenges to produce the recording-holding prestress girders. Plant Operations Manager, Gary Courneya is proud of the many team members from different departments and locations who all collaborated on the project and their unwavering commitment to quality and teamwork. Gary said, “The Mile-Long Bridge was a very large and challenging project. I could not be happier with the performance and efforts by all County Materials’ team members involved in this project’s success. In my 27 years in this industry, the Mile-Long Bridge project is not only the largest project that I have been part of, but also the project I am the proudest of. The success of the Mile-Long Bridge project highlights the capabilities of County Materials and our company’s commitment, as an industry leader, to rebuilding and improving our country’s roadways, bridges, and infrastructure.”

Transporting the colossal girders was a significant undertaking. County Materials’ Transportation Manager, Jared Benson and his team coordinated and executed precise deliveries to keep the project on schedule. Jared said, “The transportation team has done outstanding measures to ensure safety and efficiency, from the beginning to the end, of the iconic Mile-Long Bridge project. These achievements start with outstanding vehicle maintenance from the shop team to the drivers safely loading, transporting, and unloading at the jobsite. The team worked extremely hard and overcame all the challenges they were faced with. These successes were made possible by the outstanding team efforts of all involved.” 

County Materials thanks the following teams for their contributions to our milestone achievement:

Production Team – Janesville, WI
Girder Drivers – Janesville, WI and Roberts, WI
Mechanical Technicians – Janesville, WI and Roberts, WI
Project Managers
Project Coordinators
Quality Control Team
Loading Team