County Materials’ Prestressed Bridge Girders Span Scenic Creek
August 4, 2022

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County Materials’ Prestressed Bridge Girders Span Scenic Creek

County Materials’ delivery of four, 121-foot prestressed bridge girders for an Eau Claire County project relied on skilled drivers to reach a site in rural Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Lunda Construction selected County Materials for the project, relying on the company to manufacture and deliver durable prestressed bridge girders that meet exacting specifications. 

County Highway V crosses Bridge Creek at a scenic spot, just below a dam with a working stone water wheel. Limited accessibility required County Materials’ truck drivers to back a half-mile to the site before the girders were transferred to a beam launcher and backed up until they could be set in place. County Materials’ experienced Transportation Team coordinates precise delivery schedules and overcomes site challenges to minimize disruptions. 

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