County Materials’ Oversized 32” Concrete Masonry Units Are the Key to Installation Efficiency
October 29, 2020

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County Materials’ Oversized 32” Concrete Masonry Units Are the Key to Installation Efficiency

Across the country, construction professionals understand the importance of a straightforward and efficient installation process. When a project has a short deadline, construction workers need a product that can be installed quickly and safely, without sacrificing quality. 

County Materials’ Oversized 32” Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) are an evolutionary concrete masonry product that is designed to increase jobsite efficiency while reducing labor costs when used with mechanical installation equipment. Due to the unit’s extended size, it takes about the same time to install an Oversized 32” CMU using a hoist system, but cover double the amount of length of a traditionally sized unit. This efficiency maximizes productivity and construction schedules. 

Advantages of Concrete Masonry Construction

Concrete Masonry Units, or CMUs, are versatile building units fortified by the power of concrete. Concrete masonry construction offers a durable, fire resistant, low maintenance building solution. Concrete is made of naturally abundant materials, and is a sustainable building option; it’s proven to have a long service life and is resistant to damage from natural or man-made disasters. CMUs can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and appearances. Due to their modular sizing, different CMUs can be combined in the same wall to achieve variation in pattern, texture or design. 

Economical Solution 

County Materials’ Oversized 32” CMUs allow masons to maximize construction schedules while saving cost on both materials and labor when used with mechanical lifting devices. The units increase budget efficiency with the power to lay the equivalent of two units at once. Longer units mean fewer block are laid per course. Larger units also reduce the number of joints required, saving on mortar costs and joint tooling. Using mechanical equipment, these larger size units drastically reduce installation time and keep teams moving faster. Our Oversized 32” Concrete Masonry Units are available and delivered to meet project expectations, even when schedule changes occur, saving your team project time and labor costs.  

Safe Installation

County Materials’ Oversized 32” CMUs are engineered to be used with a mechanical hoist system, or with two-person installation. As the industry faces skilled labor shortages, mechanical lifting equipment makes it possible for an individual mason to lift and maneuver Oversized 32” CMUs at a consistent pace, further reducing installation time. Additionally, hoist systems increase productivity by shortening the job schedule and eliminating fatigue and physical wear and tear on individuals that are typically associated with repetitive heavy lifting. 

County Materials Unique Concrete Masonry Unit Solutions

Our Oversized 32” Concrete Masonry Units can be manufactured with a center score, providing the appearance of traditional 16” units; or units can be manufactured with a smooth surface offering a long and linear look. Units are available in both light and medium weight concrete, and can be manufactured in 8x8x32” or 12x8x32” sizes. 

County Materials aims to comprehensively solve our customer’s challenges. That’s why our Oversized 32” CMUs complement our extensive masonry product line and offer construction professionals a unique material solution that maximizes jobsite efficiency, quality and productivity.

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