County Materials Offers Sustainable, Long-Lasting Solutions for Wisconsin’s Flood Prevention Infrastructure Needs
May 18, 2021

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County Materials Offers Sustainable, Long-Lasting Solutions for Wisconsin’s Flood Prevention Infrastructure Needs

The Badger Bounceback Live Session on Transportation & Infrastructure, hosted on March 30, 2021, called for the expansion and modernization of Wisconsin’s broadband access, roads and highways, public transit, and flood prevention infrastructure. This session followed the release of the 2020 Wisconsin Infrastructure Report Card, in which the state earned a “C”.

The 2021-2023 State Budget, discussed at the session, provides a $25 million funding increase for municipal and local road floodproofing and prevention efforts. This additional investment will help Wisconsin enhance flood resilience and public safety. 

County Materials manufactures sustainable, long-lasting reinforced concrete pipe and precast products that are used to build flood resilient and sustainable infrastructure. Precast concrete is trusted by construction professionals for its inherent strength and rigidity. Unlike alternative materials, the primary structure is the pipe itself, which resists flotation. Reinforced concrete pipe has a proven history in Wisconsin to withstand heavy loads and large volumes without additional engineering. Its enduring performance contributes to an extended service life of up to 100 years.

Rely on County Materials’ Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Precast Products for:

Enhanced Flow Capacity
County Materials’ large diameter round and elliptical reinforced concrete pipe offer greater flow capacity to reduce flooding and the costly damage associated with it. The Village of Hewitt, WI replaced undersized, corroded metal culverts with reinforced elliptical pipe to put an end to the area’s cyclical flooding. The pipe’s horizontal elliptical shape allows more water to pass through, while its precast fabrication resists currents to prevent erosion. The upgraded storm water system effectively mitigates flooding and keeps surrounding roadways safer. Read the full case study here

Overcoming Site Challenges
Reinforced concrete pipe endures challenging environments more effectively than other materials, as it is manufactured to withstand varying soil conditions, installation depths, and live loads. In Manitowoc, WI a steeply descending roadway caused rapid runoff accumulation during rain events. The existing storm water system frequently proved undersized and warranted replacement. Large diameter reinforced concrete pipe was specified for its improved flow capacity and ability to be installed 29 feet below ground to accommodate the site’s slope. Read the full case study here.

Reliable, Professional Delivery Service
County Materials’ highly skilled drivers and dispatchers coordinate and execute precise product deliveries to meet the demands of any project. As remnants of tropical storm Cristobal passed through Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley, persistent rainfall caused flash flooding and washouts. In the middle of the night, twin culverts on Wisconsin Highway 27 gave way and posed a potentially fatal hazard. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation rushed to the site and called County Materials to expedite the delivery of two 84-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipes for an emergency culvert replacement.

County Materials responded and completed the delivery within hours. Read the full case study here.