County Materials Meets Evolving Regional Needs by Leading with Innovation
January 23, 2023

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County Materials Meets Evolving Regional Needs by Leading with Innovation

In an effort to maximize taxpayer value and provide a long-term solution to transportation challenges, Departments of Transportation are looking for bridge and tunnel solutions that can span longer distances while meeting rigid strength specifications.

With high-performance strength, unmatched durability, and low life cycle costs, prestressed bridge girders have long been a reliable solution for infrastructure projects with exacting specifications.

As demand continues to grow for stronger, longer-spanning prestress components, County Materials is continually investing in new equipment, facilities upgrades, and team member training to upgrade its production capabilities.

In 2018, leaders of the Eisenhower Bridge of Valor reconstruction project in Red Wing, MN, relied on County Materials to manufacture and deliver 28 prestressed girders measuring 175 feet long. Produced in County Materials’ Janesville, Wisconsin, facility, these were the largest girders produced in the state at the time.

Shortly after that project was completed, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority turned to County Materials to manufacture girders for the Mile-Long Bridge project. Spanning over two major railroads, three water sources, and a main distribution center for UPS and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, the project required prestressed girders measuring 186 feet long.

To meet the needs of this project, County Materials made significant upgrades to its Janesville production facility. These upgrades enabled County Materials to manufacture and deliver 523 bridge girders for this two-phase project, maintaining the construction schedule and project completion expected in 2023. To date, the prestressed girders supplied for the Mile-Long Bridge project are the largest manufactured in the Midwest.

To maintain our legacy as a performance leader in the construction and manufacturing industry, we continually invest in our facilities, equipment, and team members to ensure the most efficient manufacturing and delivery processes. Our Vision for Success, Stability and Support drives our commitment to leading with technological advancement to meet regional needs.