County Materials is a Trusted Supplier of Natural Stone Products
February 19, 2021

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County Materials is a Trusted Supplier of Natural Stone Products

Natural stone products are a popular choice for home and business owners who desire the look of stone in a variety of applications. The organic characteristics of natural stone complement other building materials, like wood and concrete. Natural stone is easy to maintain, durable and colorfast. County Materials is proud to be a leading distributor of trusted natural stone products.

Natural Stone Applications and Variety
Natural stone is used in several ways to enhance interior or exterior features of a home or business. Its inherent durability and variety of color options allow home and business owners to choose a natural stone option that achieves their desired aesthetic but doesn’t compromise quality. The versatility of aesthetics and long-lasting durability offer building professionals and property owners another choice for exterior facades, interior walls, and fireplace applications.

Value of Natural Stone Veneers
Natural stone veneers are stone pieces that can be used as an attractive addition to a home or business. Natural stone veneers are lightweight, making them a more affordable option for home or business owners who want the high-end look of natural stone without the cost and installation material requirements of using full-depth stone.

Due to its light weight, natural stone veneers can be used in areas where it would be very difficult or costly to use full stone products. They can be installed without additional support ledges or footings, and with the proper preparation, they can adhere to a variety of building materials.

An added benefit of natural stone veneers is they can be used in small or focal point areas to add an appealing and complementary look to any space. For example, natural stone veneers can be used around column bases, on pony walls, around windows, and other areas to accentuate the most attractive features of your home or business.

County Materials Trusted Natural Stone Partners

Customers across the country have come to trust County Materials when choosing high value landscaping and construction materials. We are proud to distribute natural stone products from our trusted partners. For our customers who want to choose from a variety of materials and looks when building and landscaping, we carry natural stone products from the following businesses: