County Materials Invests in and Appreciates Truck Drivers
April 28, 2023

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County Materials Invests in and Appreciates Truck Drivers

Annual Driver Meetings provide County Materials the opportunity to engage with our truck drivers, work on team building exercises, review the previous year’s successes and the goals for this year, as well as provide rule and regulation updates. At County Materials, we invest in our team members through hands-on training experiences and strive to create a workplace where team members can succeed.

Our truck drivers deliver concrete construction and landscape products that are used to build the communities where Americans live, work, and play. They supply materials to build bridges, storm water management systems, parking lots, commercial buildings, and homes. We value the hard work and dedication of our team members and celebrate them for executing their vital role to high standards.

Together, we are building a company that hardworking people are proud to work for, live near, and do business with since 1946.