County Materials’ Hollowcore helps Build Strong, High Performance Structures
March 8, 2019

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County Materials’ Hollowcore helps Build Strong, High Performance Structures

County Materials Corporation is a leading producer of Hollowcore Roof and Floor Systems, precast columns, beams and custom concrete products. County Materials’ state of the art precast and prestress manufacturing facility in Roberts, Wis., distributes products across the Upper Midwest, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

As a result, Hollowcore Roof and Floor Systems and related products are utilized for many specialized and unique building applications across the region.

Advantages of Hollowcore Manufactured by County Materials

Before Hollowcore planks arrive at a construction site, County Materials cuts them to specified lengths for each project, accommodating plans with unique angles and curves, and ensures plank are ready to be installed upon arrival. Hollowcore installs quickly and is compatible with other building materials, including concrete masonry, steel framing and cast-in-place wall systems. Once installed and grouted, Hollowcore provides an immediate work deck and protected space that meets the demands of other trades, including HVAC, plumbing and electrical. These advantages are just some of the reasons why Hollowcore is a preferred material choice for engineers, general contractors and owners.

Across the Upper Midwest, County Materials’ Hollowcore is specified for many project applications because of the benefits it offers over other material alternatives. In 2007, Twin Lakes Elementary School in Elk River, Minn., became one of the first LEED-certified schools in the state with the use of Hollowcore supplied by County Materials. Washington County, Minn., relied on Hollowcore for the construction of its 2012 additions to their courthouse. Hollowcore was chosen for this civic project for its speed of installation and cost savings for the community. More recently, Hollowcore has become a popular choice for large apartment complexes because longer planks create larger open areas perfect for interior parking ramps.
Additionally, concrete Hollowcore planks deliver high fire ratings, sound dampening capabilities, and low lifecycle costs. In 2017, work was completed on the C&E luxury apartments in Saint Paul, Minn. This challenging building project benefited from Hollowcore construction because the planks allowed for a 119-unit apartment building to be built directly on top of a historic, 90-year-old structure that remained in place. The original structure now houses a brewery, two restaurants, the apartment complex’s main lobby and lounge areas, and a parking garage.

Planning, Production, Delivery and Erection Meets Construction Needs

County Materials’ experienced design professionals get involved early in the planning stages to assist the construction process from start to finish. Our team provides comprehensive estimates, detailed drawings, scheduling, and proper installation methods for a successful project. Additionally, County Materials’ manufacturing facility allows for year-round production cycles. County Materials produces Hollowcore with uniform quality and tight tolerances that meet efficient production schedules and industry certifications, including the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute plant certification.

County Materials fleet of professional drivers deliver Hollowcore and ensure readily available products, and our team of dispatchers work directly with contractors onsite to adjust delivery times and provide flexibility, allowing for an efficient construction process and less wait times. During periods of high production, our company partners with hauling companies that have the unique capabilities to handle Hollowcore and related infrastructure components. County Materials also plays a role in the Hollowcore erection process by subcontracting the process to local and experienced erection crews.

Contact us today to learn why your next project can benefit from County Materials’ Hollowcore Roof & Floor Systems, and how our dedicated team members will work with engineers and contractors every step of the way to meet project timelines and maximize the construction process. Contact us at (800) 426-1126, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..