County Materials’ Genesis Face-Mix Technology® Enhances Durability of Concrete Pavers
May 2, 2023

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County Materials’ Genesis Face-Mix Technology® Enhances Durability of Concrete Pavers

County Materials uses a proprietary production technique called Genesis Face-Mix Technology to produce pavers with reliable strength and resistance to weather and wear.

Unmatched strength and longevity

We concentrate the purest color pigments, finest aggregates, and densest concrete mix in the top surface layer of each paver, where it is visible and matters most. This results in a smooth paver surface with long-lasting color performance and reliability.

The pigment is blended with the aggregate and integrally bonded to the base for strength. Underneath the surface layer, the base mix features larger aggregates that enhance the compressive strength of the paver.

Lasting color performance

Genesis Face-Mix Technology allows us to create the perfect combination of vibrant color pigments and dense surface materials. The higher density of the units resists cracking and damage from freeze-thaw cycles.

This innovative design offers lasting color performance. Because the pigment goes deeper than just the surface of the paver, our pavers can withstand wear, weathering, and abrasion without losing their vibrant colors.

Industry-leading innovation

Pavers manufactured with Genesis Face-Mix Technology offer benefits to homeowners, architects, and landscape contractors. Homeowners are drawn to the unmatched durability and color performance of the pavers. With a wide variety of colors available, architects choose concrete pavers made with Genesis Face-Mix Technology for their limitless design flexibility. And landscape contractors feel confident installing products that are backed by County Materials’ customer warranty.

County Materials invests in Genesis Face-Mix Technology because our team believes in crafting time-tested pavers for everyday use and life-long satisfaction.

Learn more about Genesis Face-Mix Technology by contacting our Customer Service Team at (800) 242-7733.