County Materials Educates Wisconsin Engineers and Installers on Effective Storm Water Management Systems
January 29, 2019

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County Materials Educates Wisconsin Engineers and Installers on Effective Storm Water Management Systems

County Materials recently hosted three pipe and precast training events in partnership with the American Concrete Pipe Association. More than 80 industry engineers and installers from the Wausau, Oshkosh, and Madison areas attended the training events, earning five Professional Development Hour credits. County Materials promotes concrete construction and is an active member of the American Concrete Pipe Association and Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Association. Through involvement with these organizations County Materials is an industry leader in educating engineers, contractors and municipal staff on the importance of properly designing and installing rigid storm water management systems.

“We’ve come to realize that not everybody involved with storm water management has field experience, so we not only tell them about proper design and what a good installation is, we show them,” said Jennifer Schaff, P.E. Technical Resource Engineer at County Materials. “This year we divided into smaller groups and participated in a hands-on exercise installing a gasket on a reinforced concrete pipe. It was a valuable and educational experience. We received great feedback from participants; County Materials is excited to continue our leadership in the concrete pipe industry.”

Presenters at the event included two Technical Resource Engineers from County Materials and two representatives from the American Concrete Pipe Association. Topics focused on the direct relationship between system design and installation, how installation impacts service life, installation best practices, specifications, and material differences in pipe systems. A properly installed concrete pipe storm water management system should remain in service for more than 50 to 100 years with little to no repairs, exemplifying the value and economic advantages for municipalities.

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