County Materials Donates Precast Wall Panels for New Boat Launches
December 18, 2018

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County Materials Donates Precast Wall Panels for New Boat Launches

County Materials Corporation will be donating two massive wall panels manufactured in its Whitestown, IN precast facility to Hamilton County, IN. The wall panels will be used to create boat ramps on a new man-made lake in Koteewi Park. The large panels offer structural stability and feature a raked surface finish that will enhance traction - the perfect solution for creating safe and effective boat ramps on the lake. The two panels also demonstrate County Materials’ impressive manufacturing capabilities at their Whitestown prestress facility. The first panel is 10 inches thick, nearly 12 feed wide, 30 feet long and weighs 27,200 pounds. The second panel is 38 feet long and weighs 34,420 lbs.

Koteewi Park is the largest park in Hamilton County. The park encompasses more than 800 acres of scenic land, eight miles of trails and will soon include a man-made lake for all types of recreation. The lake is a welcomed addition to the surrounding community because it will provide one of the only safe options for on-the-water family recreation. Other nearby options include a river that is difficult to navigate and a busy reservoir popular for speed boats and jet skis.

“The concrete panels are going to make the boat launches possible and are a safe option for boaters,” said Allen Patterson, Director of Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department. “My department and the surrounding community are extremely grateful for County Materials. It would be difficult and expensive to furnish the lake with boat landings without this donation, County Materials is making it possible.”