County Materials Donates Masonry Products for Local Baseball Field Renovation Project
June 7, 2021

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County Materials Donates Masonry Products for Local Baseball Field Renovation Project

A series of severe thunderstorms tore through Central Wisconsin and left behind a trail of destruction. Included in the damage was Clayton High School’s longstanding varsity baseball dugouts. Despite little insurance to claim on the primitive structures, the school district set its sights on rebuilding the dugouts with stronger materials. Berghammer Builders, a general contractor located in Clayton, WI, volunteered time to develop a set of plans and a realistic labor and materials budget for the new structures that would be at no cost to the school district.

Clayton High School’s baseball field is a valued community asset. Aside from the varsity team, the area’s little league, junior high, and junior varsity teams use the field for practice and home games. Many Clayton families spend their summers at the field and rallied community support for its reconstruction. As news of the project spread, local tradesmen came forward to volunteer their time and labor to revive the beloved field. With the cost of excavation and labor covered, the school initiated construction and continued to seek support to cover the cost of materials.

In an effort to provide students and community members with a reliable baseball facility that can weather all conditions, County Materials donated Splitface Concrete Masonry Units and supporting supplies to Clayton High School’s dugout reconstruction project. The units were quick to install and will continue to provide unmatchable durability, ensuring the new dugouts can be enjoyed by many in the years to come.

With the support of the community, Clayton High School was able to finish its dugout renovation the following summer without any lingering costs.

This year, in celebration of our company’s 75th anniversary, County Materials is committed to share 75 Stories of Impact, featuring organizations that receive funding from the Sonnentag Foundation and are part of the communities where we have locations.

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