County Materials’ Dimensionally Compatible Products Offer Endless Design Potential
May 2, 2022

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County Materials’ Dimensionally Compatible Products Offer Endless Design Potential

County Materials’ compatible landscape, masonry, and roofing product lines are designed to ignite endless inspiration for dimensional, one-of-a-kind projects. Construction and landscaping professionals rely on our products for their availability, color variety, durability, and ease and speed of installation.

Our concrete masonry units, landscape steps and pavers, segmental retaining wall units, and rooftop pavers are readily available and efficiently delivered by our team of professional drivers to meet the demands of any construction schedule. During the construction of the ENT Clinic in Wausau, WI, project leaders relied on County Materials to supply Skylands™ Concrete Deck Pavers during winter months. Year-round product availability ensured project leaders did not have to sacrifice their product preference or the project’s timeline. 

Color Variety
County Materials simplifies the decision-making process with a wide variety of colors that can be used for complementing and contrasting design elements. Sand Lake Condos in Onalaska, WI, combined Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers in Vision with Fullface Split in Sienna Cream and Heritage Collection Designer Concrete Brick in Cardinal Blend to add a modern twist to the complex’s traditional design. 

Achieve lasting performance with our concrete construction and landscape products. County Materials’ landscape and rooftop pavers are manufactured using Genesis Face-Mix Technology™. Their integrally blended high-strength concrete mix achieves superior unit density that resists everyday wear and cracking from freeze/thaw cycles. Our concrete masonry product lines are also manufactured to last. County Materials’ concrete masonry units emulate the aesthetics of traditional brick and natural stone to meet the design and structural goals of any project. Integrally colored concrete masonry units protect against decades of weather without showing signs of age or wear. 

County Materials strives to make the installation of our products simpler and faster. Our series of dimensionally compatible pavers is an example. Comprised of Grand Fusion Pavers, Discover Pavers, Grand Discover Pavers, Grand Discover XL Pavers, Vantage Pavers, and Grand Vantage Pavers, this series, designed to work with Elements Paving Stones, brings custom patio designs to life with unmatched speed and ease. Each paver is crafted to fit together, regardless of size, color, and texture. 

County Materials’ concrete landscape, masonry, and roofing product lines are a comprehensive solution that will elevate your project and stand the test of time. 

To use our products for your next project, contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 242-7733.

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