County Materials Crafts Paver Lines to Offer Boundless Design Options and Ready Availability
January 11, 2021

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County Materials Crafts Paver Lines to Offer Boundless Design Options and Ready Availability

Hardscape professionals often have grand visions when designing and installing outdoor spaces but are sometimes faced with the issue that the colors, sizes and textures they desire don’t come in the same product line. With that core concern in mind, County Materials has added four new paver lines to enhance installation efficiency, ensure product availability, and enable hardscape designers and installers to combine more colors, shapes, and textures in a seamless pattern with endless potential for design.

County Materials has introduced our four lines of Discover Pavers, Grand Discover Pavers, Vantage Pavers and Grand Vantage Pavers to make the material selection and design process streamlined and simple. Our dimensionally compatible paver series have been crafted to work together to create an endless number of designs using different size modules, colors and textures; all are backed by the strength and longevity of concrete hardscape products.

Additionally, they are dimensionally designed for easy installation, and work seamlessly with our original series of Elements Paving Stones to provide even greater opportunities for accent, banding and inlay options. Equally as important, Discover, Grand Discover, Vantage, and Grand Vantage pavers are stock paver series that are readily available through our distribution centers.

The Art and Science of Dimensional Paver Design 
Throughout a variety of applications, County Materials’ dimensionally compatible pavers will allow different components to work together easily, despite differences in size. This flexibility means individual units can be separated, interchanged and recombined without having to remeasure or manipulate the space. County Materials’ dimensionally compatible paver lines are purposefully crafted in a variety of fixed dimensions that can be used singularly, or in conjunction with our other dimensionally compatible paver lines.

Typically, concrete pavers can be installed using a wide variety of layout dimensions. For maximum construction efficiency and economy, we’ve intentionally manufactured our new four Discover, Grand Discover, Vantage, and Grand Vantage paver lines with dimensional compatibility in mind. Dimensional compatibility coordination will improve installation efficiency, reduce cutting and waste, and lower costs.

County Materials dimensionally compatible paver series are produced in four-inch increments. Our pavers are crafted with U.S. measurements and are designed to work in combinations or as individual units. As a result, an endless number of patterns can be created using dimensionally compatible pavers, including our original series of Elements Paving Stones, and our newest lines of Discover, Grand Discover, Vantage and Grand Vantage pavers in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. 

Elements Paving Stones come in six uniform shapes. Each of the 6 sizes are individually palletized for optimal design functionality. Our four newest product lines, Discover Pavers, Grand Discover, Vantage Pavers and Grand Vantage Pavers, further enhance the value of investing in dimensionally compatible paver systems, and they add more design versatility because of their different surface textures. Discover and Grand Discover Pavers have a contemporary and smooth finished surface like Elements, while Vantage and Grand Vantage Pavers feature a subtle stone/slate surface texture.

All of County Materials’ dimensionally compatible pavers are offered in standard colors and can be ordered with custom finishes upon request.

Why Concrete Pavers
Concrete pavers are a great option for home and business owners who are looking for a low maintenance, durable and aesthetically pleasing option when building their outdoor spaces. Concrete pavers are inherently strong and resilient, they distribute weight evenly, are durable in high traffic areas, and are resistant to the effects of extreme weather conditions.

Genesis Face-Mix Technology™
County Materials pavers and slabs are manufactured using a proprietary manufacturing process called Genesis Face-Mix Technology™. This technology ensures our paving lines offer long-lasting durability, superior strength and resistance, and vibrant colors that repel stains and withstand everyday wear and tear. The fine finish of Genesis Face-Mix Technology™ pavers features a permanent and integrally blended layer of our high-strength concrete mix. The process of combining our unique color options with dense surface materials result in long lasting pavers and slabs that do not compromise long term design and aesthetics.

Boundless Options
The greatest advantage of using County Materials’ dimensionally compatible designed paver lines is that home and business owners can bring unique and interesting patterns and designs in outdoor spaces to life by selecting different sizes, textures and colors from dimensionally compatible paver lines because they are designed to work interchangeably.

The ready availability and versatility of options reduces stress, installation time, and depending on the design, eliminates or reduces cutting. From inlays and borders to patios and expansive driveways, County Materials’ dimensionally compatible paver lines ensure simplicity and inspire creativity in even the most complex of project applications.




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