County Materials’ Concrete Step Unit Offerings Broaden Landscaping Possibilities
November 1, 2021

Categories | Landscape

County Materials’ Concrete Step Unit Offerings Broaden Landscaping Possibilities

County Materials offers a diverse collection of concrete landscape products that are designed and manufactured to last. Our step units are available in a variety of colors, providing versatility for any residential or commercial application. County Materials concrete landscape products are durable and reliable. Their unmatched strength can withstand freeze/thaw cycles and heavy traffic. County Materials step units can be paired with our diverse collection of pavers for a cohesive look that will stand the test of time. 

Landscape Step Units are available in Canyon Brown, Gray, Graphite, October Oak, and Silvertone. Their smooth stepping surface provides solid and safe footing. Their inherently large size increases installation time and reduces the overall square footage of block needed. 

Passageways Step Units feature a natural textured face and tread, clean lines, and a modular shape. Steps can be added to raised patios, offer extra security for entertainment spaces, and provide safe footing for front entrances, terraced walks, and steep slopes. Available in Dream, Reflection, Reunion, and Vision, choose a color that best complements your project.

Oversize Step Units are manufactured with uniform heights and naturally textured surfaces for enhanced pedestrian comfort and safety. Color options include Camel, Gray, and Portobello. Compared to alternative step options, the larger scale of our oversize step units reduces labor cost. 

Use County Materials’ concrete step units for your next project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (800) 242-7733.