Consider the Advantages of Using County Materials’ Ready-Mix as a Swimming Pool Solution
May 11, 2022

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Consider the Advantages of Using County Materials’ Ready-Mix as a Swimming Pool Solution

Property owners looking to install an in-ground pool can rely on County Materials’ Ready-Mix Concrete. Compared to alternative materials, concrete swimming pools offer greater design flexibility to achieve any aesthetic. They are customizable and can last a lifetime with proper installation and care. 

Structural Benefits
Concrete pools are constructed using shotcrete, the method of placing concrete onto steel reinforcements at a high velocity to form vertical and curved surfaces with high compressive strength. Shotcrete is ideal for pool applications, as it forms a dense surface with low porosity and permeability.

Design Flexibility
Constructed on site, concrete pools can achieve a variety of sizes, shapes, or depths. Shotcrete maximizes customization and allows for tight radiuses, variable depths, and built-in seats and steps. Lighting may also be installed in the pool shell for ambiance and enhanced safety. Concrete pools are compatible with tile and a variety of pool deck materials, including County Materials’ concrete landscape products.

Durability & Longevity
Concrete offers unmatched durability and protection from inclement weather. Additionally, concrete resists scratches to preserve its appearance over time. These inherent properties contribute to the pool’s prolonged usage and enjoyment. Properly maintained concrete pools have a service life of at least 50 years and can increase property value. 

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