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Concrete Uses

Think for a moment where we would be without concrete. It is hard to imagine. Concrete is the basic building element for modern society. Every major construction project uses concrete in one form or another. It keeps us warm and safe; it allows us to get to work safely; it beautifies our homes and yards.

Our environment matters. Concrete is produced from some of the world's most abundant resources and without toxic byproducts. The concrete industry recycles and reclaims throughout the manufacturing process. It has a superior lifespan compared to other products. Its thermal mass plays a role in energy efficiency. It helps keep our urban areas cooler. Its light reflectiveness also helps conserve energy. From the homeowner to the largest urban areas, concrete is playing a major role in protecting and maintaining our environment.

Ready Mixed Concrete is a durable and beautiful option for:


  • A concrete driveway can have a dramatic effect on the first impression, value and resale potential for a home. Concrete driveways are preferred over many other paving materials for a variety of reasons:
  • Durability is the key to the longevity of driveways. Concrete driveways stand up to traffic day in and day out, year after year, often for over 30 years.
  • Versatility is important, especially in today’s upscale housing market. Concrete can be colored, stamped, or stenciled to create a variety of textures and decorative finishes.
  • Maintenance free concrete does not need to be seal coated every year.
  • Environmentally friendly products are becoming more and more important every year. Cured concrete is an inert material and can be recycled.
  • Homeowner satisfaction is high. Homeowners were surveyed and of those already owning a concrete driveway, 96% said they would choose concrete again.
  • Appearance is a critical component in selecting a driveway paving material. Concrete, with it’s smooth, bright surface provides an important safety feature by increasing the effectiveness of exterior lighting.


  • A concrete basement is one of the most economical parts of a home to build and can be one of the best values for the dollar spent. Concrete basements offer a variety of benefits:
  • Extra room for work or play. Consider a game room, den, guest bedroom or office. Create a space as unique as your own family.
  • Economical – Full basements can almost double the enclosed living space at only a fraction of the cost of the home.
  • Design possibilities – Raise the ceiling with 9-foot foundation walls, or add a dramatic color or texture for a permanent, finished look.
  • Storage that frees up other, more expensive floor space in the house and garage.
  • Better access – Plumbing, heating and wiring can be reached without crawling or breaking up floors.
  • Strong, durable and safe – Concrete will never burn or rot, and provides the best shelter against storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.




  • Concrete homes are energy efficient, resistant to strong winds, practically sound proof and offer a broad range of design options. Concrete homes offer a variety of benefits over standard construction:
  • Fast and easy construction – Using insulating concrete forms (ICFs) results in a faster and more efficient building cycle.
  • Versatile and compatible – Brick, stone and other masonry products, along with stucco, wood siding and vinyl siding can be easily used with ICFs.
  • Environmentally responsible – Concrete and polystyrene foam are inert and can be recycled.
  • Energy efficient – Energy savings are built into concrete homes. Many concrete homeowners report savings of 40% and more.
  • Security – Concrete homes perform very well in high wind events.
  • No rot or rust – Concrete and polystyrene will not rot, rust or corrode.
  • Peace and quite – A concrete home built with ICFs has much greater noise reduction characteristics than wood or steel.
  • Internationally proven – Throughout the world, concrete is one of the most popular forms of housing construction.



  • Sixty percent of the U.S. Interstate Highway System has been built with concrete. Concrete was selected because of its superior durability, safety, higher reflection of light at night, and greater traction. Concrete pavement consistently serves 20-30 years without needing major repairs, while asphalt generally lasts only 8-12 years before resurfacing or significant repairs are required. Concrete naturally can support the heaviest loads, such as truck traffic and increasingly larger vehicles like jumbo-jets. There is less deformation with concrete as compared to asphalt and although the initial cost of concrete can be higher than asphalt, concrete usually has a useful life that is twice as long as asphalt. Because of concrete’s light color, concrete reflects from 33 to 50 percent more light than asphalt.

Parking areas

  • Concrete is the superior paving material for your parking area project. Whether a new parking area or one in need of reconstruction, concrete offers the durability and beauty that asphalt just can’t match. A first impression that lasts, concrete’s advantages include:
  • Durability – Concrete simply lasts longer than asphalt. A concrete parking area can serve your project for twenty or more years. The durability advantage means less maintenance, fewer repairs and an end to the expensive reconstruction cycle. Pave it once, pave it right. If you have an interest in the life-cycle costs of a project beyond tomorrow, then concrete is the easy choice.
  • Beauty – Concrete’s durability means a surface free of ugly potholes, ruts and damage from petroleum products. Add some colors or patterns, and concrete turns a parking lot into the perfect showcase for your business.
  • Safety & Lighting – Concrete offers a brighter, more reflective surface than asphalt. Better use of light means a safer and more inviting parking area for your customers and employees.
  • Load-carrying capacity – Trucks demand a structural pavement. Asphalt is not match for eighteen wheelers and delivery vehicles. If product distribution is critical to your business, then concrete is your paving partner.

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