Concrete Pavers Create a Timeless Pathway with a Modern Twist
July 26, 2023

Categories | Landscape

Concrete Pavers Create a Timeless Pathway with a Modern Twist

This home was scheduled to participate in the Hartland, WI, Parade of Homes, and project leaders wanted to enhance its curb appeal before the event. The contractor designed a spacious walkway that connects the driveway to the front porch using an assortment of concrete pavers and Passageways® Step Units. With the hard deadline of the upcoming parade, project leaders were working within a tight timeline and only had two days to install the walkway.

For the main portion of the walkway, the homebuilder specified Grand Fusion™ Pavers in Exalt. The pavers’ variegated textures resemble basketweave and pebbled leather textures, contributing depth and dimension to the project.

This textured base was then lined with two layers of Elements™ Paving Stones in Vision and Beckon. Elements pavers feature a smooth texture to contrast the complex patchwork of Grand Fusion Pavers. The first layer consists of horizontally laid pavers in a light beige that stands out against the deeper grey textiles of the main walkway. Adding another layer of color and visual interest, the outermost border is comprised of vertically laid pavers in a sandy red shade.

The combination of these products in three distinct colors surrounds the house with a stunning, curved walkway that lines the decorative mulch and manicured lawn and complements the hues and textures of the home. Additionally, a single wide Passageways® Step Unit®Passageways® Step Unit was installed in the same color as the outermost layer of pavers to tie together the new walkway and the poured concrete stoop. The oversized unit made for easy, efficient installation and allowed the project to be completed on time. The use of County Materials’ pavers and landscape products provide all the benefits of durable concrete and deliver a cohesive design worthy of the Parade of Homes.

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