Clay Brick Revitalizes Urban Apartments
September 6, 2022

Categories | Masonry

Clay Brick Revitalizes Urban Apartments

County Materials supplied clay brick for a mixed-use project in Madison, Wisconsin, that helped meet the neighborhood’s retail space and apartment needs. The 1722 Monroe Apartments are in a bustling corridor between college campuses, including many single-family homes. 

The building’s façade features corbeled brick in Olde Cheyenne. Clay brick’s natural strength and fire resistance have made it a material of choice in urban communities for centuries. The material retains its integrity and value proving a timeless and economical solution.

County Materials supplies clay brick in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors for commercial, residential, and institutional structures. Working with the contractor, County Materials coordinated precise product deliveries to ensure timely completion of the 1722 Monroe Apartments.

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