Choose Concrete Masonry for Thermal Performance
May 9, 2024

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Choose Concrete Masonry for Thermal Performance

County Materials manufactures concrete masonry units that are specially designed for energy efficiency. Concrete’s inherently high thermal mass makes it ideal for storing heat and maintaining temperatures within a structure.

The Flywheel Effect

One feature of concrete masonry that makes it a preferred solution for residential and commercial structures is its impressive “thermal lag” or “flywheel effect.” The flywheel effect occurs when, as outdoor temperatures change, a material’s temperature responds slowly. Indoor temperatures in a concrete masonry structure fluctuate more gradually than the air temperature. In the summer, concrete holds in the cool night air longer into the morning, and conversely, in the winter, it retains the warm daytime temperatures well into the night, creating more stable internal temperatures compared to those of structures with lower thermal performance. This advantage keeps buildings more comfortable for residents and reduces the demand on HVAC systems.

Thermal Inertia

Thermal inertia is a combination of two factors: heat storage capacity and thermal resistance. While concrete is well-known for its high heat capacity due to its thermal mass, it also has a high thermal resistance. Heat flows slowly through concrete masonry, maintaining a balanced temperature even as the environment fluctuates.

Benefits of Thermal Performance

Specifying building materials with high thermal performance offers advantages for owners and residents alike, including:

  • Comfortable living environment
  • Energy efficiency for a more sustainable building
  • Cost savings on internal heating and cooling

Achieve these benefits and more with County Materials’ concrete masonry. Contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 242-773 to learn more.