Celebrating a Successful 25-Year Career of Growth with County Materials
December 11, 2019

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Celebrating a Successful 25-Year Career of Growth with County Materials

This December marked the happy retirement of Dean Webster, who celebrated 25 years of success and growth with County Materials. His career path with the company showcases how individuals can truly advance and learn new skills at County Materials.

In 1994, Webster started his career in County Materials’ Eau Claire, WI block plant working on the cube machine. It was in this position that Webster first started making his impact on helping to build strong American communities. He soon moved to the pipe plant where he cut steel for cages and poured bases and covers for manholes. This move allowed Webster to learn new skills and work on different infrastructure components. In his fourth year at County Materials, Webster was trained on driving forklift and continued with this new opportunity for nearly three years. 

After driving forklift, Webster then moved to a truck driver position, where he first drove a boom truck making block deliveries to customers. Over the rest of his career at County Materials, Webster received training and experience driving many other truck models while delivering concrete construction materials of all types. For a period, he continued to make block deliveries and would also help deliver large concrete bridge beams. During his last five years with County Materials, Webster continued to haul block, and hollowcore plank from County Materials' Roberts, WI location.

County Materials celebrated Webster’s long and successful career with the company by hosting a lunch and presenting him with an engraved watch to show appreciation for his service. 

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