Careers in the Industry: What it Takes to Produce Reinforced Concrete Pipe
August 22, 2019

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Careers in the Industry: What it Takes to Produce Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Every day, millions of Americans travel over roadways on their way to work, school, home or recreational activities. Much of the infrastructure under our roads and buildings is hard at work managing storm water and keeping people safe because it’s constructed with strong, durable,  and long-lasting Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP). The RCP industry provides countless people with rewarding careers, competitive wages, benefits, and opportunities to grow in local manufacturing companies.

Career opportunities at County Materials in concrete pipe manufacturing are diverse, interesting and challenging, and can include everything from raw material sourcing and production, to sales and delivery of the final product, to administrative support and management. Before dawn, Truck Drivers haul rock, sand and cement that will be used in manufacturing operations to produce pipe, manholes and box culverts. This position fills a vital role at County Materials and is a great career choice for those looking to join a dynamic fast-paced organization. 

Reinforced Concrete Pipe gets its inherent strength from the combination of concrete and steel reinforcment. Cage Fabricators at County Materials work with roll wire mesh and coiled wire to build steel cages that go inside and reinforce concrete pipe.

Machine Operators at County Materials work as part of a team to produce quality products and are involved in maintaining their production machines to insure they  are performing correctly—a rewarding part of this valuable career.

Pipe Production Team Members at County Materials are highly motivated individuals who take pride in manufacturing high quality concrete pipe and precast products that will be used in storm water management systems in local communities.

Environmental Health and Safety Coordinators work in County Materials’ manufacturing facilities to ensure all team members work safely and go home every day. Safety Coordinators are responsible for expanding, complying and promoting County Materials’ corporate safety program and for aligning facility practices with the compliance requirements of OSHA, MSHA, Departments of Transportation and other state and local and regulatory agencies. 

Before concrete pipe leaves the production facility, it undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance checks. Quality Control Technicians at County Materials inspect the final products to make sure they meet all project specifications and engineering requirements. Quality Control Technicians are responsible for checking manufacturing processes every step of the way and effectively communicating proper procedures and solutions with Production Team Members. 

After pipe is approved, it is staged outside for delivery. Yard Team Members at County Materials play an important role in the safe and efficient handling and storage of pipe products and materials in our yards. Yard Team Members ensure all functions within our yards run smoothly by preparing shipments, managing inventory and overseeing yard operations. 

The team responsible for delivering our concrete pipe to local communities and contractors includes our Dispatchers and Flatbed Truck Drivers. A Flatbed Truck Driver is responsible for securing all products before transport, ensuring safe and timely transport of products while following DOT regulations, performing all required inspections on equipment, loading and unloading trailers, handling paperwork, answering customer inquiries, planning deliveries and keeping the truck clean and in good operating condition. 

Communication is vital to know where and when products need to be delivered to job sites for installation. That’s why our Dispatchers work to make sure the needs of our customers and drivers are met. Dispatchers plan and schedule loads within their region and communicate with customers to determine delivery times. Dispatchers utilize multi-line phones, two-way radios, and specialized computers software for data entry and route coordination to help them get the job done.

In addition, County Materials relies on many other vital positions in the company that work together to produce and supply RCP to local communities. Production Supervisors and Plant Foremen guide the day to day operations of Production Teams. Sales Representatives build relationships with the contractors who install pipe, and Technical Resource Engineers help to promote the concrete pipe industry and educate engineers and industry professionals on the advantages of choosing RPC over alternative materials. Mechanics are responsible for maintaining the service and performance of our delivery fleet. Additionally, there are numerous more support functions provided by team members in Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Risk, Sales and other departments in the company.

County Materials has a career opportunity for every level of experience. If you’re looking to build your career on a solid foundation with a leading manufacturer who is growing in the concrete industry, consider County Materials. Team members at County Materials know our hard work is valued and trusted by growing communities—because reinforced concrete pipe is a proven resource that lasts for generations. Apply today at