Building the Future: United for Infrastructure Week 2024
May 13, 2024

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Building the Future: United for Infrastructure Week 2024

During the week of May 13-17, United for Infrastructure is recognizing the 12th annual Infrastructure Week. As our country’s infrastructure continues to age, this initiative raises awareness and advocates for additional investment in the structures and systems that keep our communities functioning safely and efficiently.

Infrastructure Week is a nationwide event that engages businesses, policymakers, industry leaders, and the public in conversations about building a better future with resilient roads, bridges, highways, transit, stormwater management, and more. As an industry-leading supplier of concrete products, including pipe, masonry, and ready-mix, County Materials recognizes the importance of maintaining quality infrastructure.

We join the manufacturing and construction industries in their efforts to modernize our country’s infrastructure and create stable and rewarding jobs. We fulfill our role by manufacturing resilient concrete construction products for long-lasting projects. It is a tough but rewarding job, and we rely on our team of nearly 2,000 dedicated people to get it done.

Together, we’re building a company that hardworking people are proud to work for, live near, and do business with since 1946.