Athletic Park Renovation Pays Tribute to Local History
March 21, 2023

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Athletic Park Renovation Pays Tribute to Local History

Athletic Park, the home field of the Wausau Woodchucks, underwent a substantial renovation to enhance visitors’ experience and provide another option for family-friendly entertainment in Central Wisconsin.

The beloved baseball stadium’s rich history dates to 1936, when it was constructed as a public works project through the Works Progress Administration. A prominent feature of the community landmark is the red granite wall that wraps around the property. Project leaders faced the challenge of preserving the historic structure while expanding the grandstand to level up the park.

The updated design features an expansive facility enclosed in the red granite wall. Sections of the wall were deconstructed and repurposed as protruding columns along a burnished masonry façade. To achieve this design, project leaders relied on vertically scored Premier Ultra Burnished Masonry Units supplied by County Materials.

Premier Ultra Burnished Masonry Units feature a finely ground smooth surface texture that reveals natural aggregates. The result is an elegant and cost-effective masonry unit backed by the trusted strength of concrete. Using concrete masonry helped project leaders remain within budget and maximize the service life of the new grandstand facility so it remains a beautiful community asset.

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