Advocacy and Shelter from Domestic Violence
November 25, 2019

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Advocacy and Shelter from Domestic Violence

Turningpoint | River Falls, WI

One in three women will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. 

“As the need for emergency shelter, advocacy, and education continues to increase in our service area, we are especially grateful for the support of the Sonnentag Foundation. Thank you for your partnership, which allows Turningpoint to provide quality services, programming, and dignity to those struggling with domestic and sexual violence.” 

- Amy Berg, Development Director for Turningpoint 

Turningpoint receives funding from County Materials’ annual charity golf outing. To demonstrate the company’s Vision of Success, Stability and Support, County Materials is contributing to organizations that provide services for sexual abuse and domestic assault survivors in communities where the company has locations.

Our Giving in Action

“It has been three years since we stayed at the shelter. Turningpoint has continued to support us beyond our 90 days there. I’ve utilized support groups, one-on-one emotional support, and I’ve received divorce paperwork from legal services. The food shelf has been an awesome resource for us. When we moved out of shelter, I was given a couch from Second Chances. They also gave us a kitchen table so the kids and I can sit together and share a meal. Turningpoint was there for us when nobody else was.”