Achieve Elegance and Performance with Premier Ultra® Burnished Masonry Units
September 8, 2023

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Achieve Elegance and Performance with Premier Ultra® Burnished Masonry Units

Premier Ultra® Burnished Masonry Units, manufactured by County Materials, are a long-lasting, versatile masonry construction solution. Manufactured with natural aggregates, these masonry units are specified around the country for projects demanding strength and refinement.

Design Flexibility

To achieve unequaled design versatility, Premier Ultra units are available in structural load-bearing and full and thin veneer options as well as a variety of colors, and sizes. We understand that every project has unique design requirements, and these masonry units are suited for customizability.

Premier Ultra units are finely grounded to expose natural aggregates for an organic, one-of-a-kind look. Project leaders for the Athletic Park baseball stadium in Wausau, Wisconsin maintained the timeless appearance of the historic structure with Premier Ultra units. Built in 1936, the original stadium offers a rich local history that project leaders wanted to honor. The Premier Ultra units complement the original materials, prioritizing durability without sacrificing heritage.

Benefits of Field-Coat Sealing

Recognized as an industry best practice, Premier Ultra Burnished Masonry Units are sealed with a field coat following installation.


Field sealing evenly fills in any scratches or scuffs from transportation, preserving the appearance of each block. Sealants come in a variety of styles and finishes to accommodate the aesthetic demands of any project. To ensure the lasting performance of your masonry project, County Materials provides the sealant of your choice at no additional cost. 


Field-coat sealants provide a consistent, homogenous seal across the wall’s surface, protecting and preserving the units and mortar joints from moisture and other elements. Field-sealed units are also easier to clean than factory-sealed units and can be cleaned more thoroughly.

Use Premier Ultra Burnished Masonry Units for your next construction project by contacting our Customer Service Team at (800) 242-7733.