Accelerated Bridge Construction Offers Safety Benefits, Time Savings, and Economic Advantages
March 13, 2023

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Accelerated Bridge Construction Offers Safety Benefits, Time Savings, and Economic Advantages

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) is an approach to the planning, design, and materials selection for bridge projects that places a high priority on minimizing lane closures and construction time.

Lane closures along heavily traveled roadways can have a significant impact on commercial and industrial activities in the area. In some cases, the direct and indirect costs of bridge replacement traffic detours can exceed the actual cost of the structure itself. Additionally, rerouted traffic patterns pose a safety threat for both drivers and construction workers.

Prefabricated bridge components accelerate construction times

Prefabricated components play an essential role in ABC. Bridge systems like County Materials’ Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders are manufactured in a climate-controlled facility and then delivered to the construction site ready to install. Production can take place while the site is being prepared, eliminating construction delays due to on-site forming, rebar tying, and concrete curing.

The Siggelkow Road Bridge, near Madison, WI, was the first project along the I-39 corridor to use Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques. ABC reduced road closures and improved work zone safety throughout construction. County Materials manufactured and delivered 20 prestressed girders measuring 110 to 116 feet long, 5 pier columns, and two pier caps.


ABC contributes to time and cost savings

Conventional bridge construction methods often rely on the construction of temporary structures, which add to the project’s cost and construction time. Using prestressed bridge girders can make these temporary structures unnecessary due to the accelerated construction schedule.

With nearly one-fourth of America’s 600,000 bridges needing rehabilitation, repair, or total replacement, the Federal Highway Administration is encouraging project leaders to place a higher priority on minimizing traffic disruptions when planning bridge related construction projects.

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