Wisconsin Rapids Aquatics Center


Wisconsin Rapids, WI


MSA Professional Services


Chippewa Concrete Services, COST of Wisconsin, Miron Construction, Pool Works Inc., Tri-City Contracting

Project Name:

Wisconsin Rapids Aquatics Center

County Materials offers a variety of concrete construction products that can be used together to offer a packaged solution. As the Wisconsin Rapids Aquatics Center was being built, project leaders turned to concrete masonry and ready-mix to construct a shelter, a lazy river, three pool shells, and the mechanical rooms and water tanks necessary to operate the center. Concrete construction products manufactured by County Materials were specified for their ability to maintain structural integrity and durability in an outdoor water park application, where they would be exposed to high-moisture levels and inclement weather conditions. Through a variety of decorative ready-mix applications and concrete masonry units of contrasting textures and colors, County Materials provided the concrete solutions to bring this water park to life.

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