Waukesha Flood Mitigation


City of Waukesha


Mid City Corporation, Wolf Paving Inc

Project Name:

Waukesha Flood Mitigation

When the City of Waukesha faced severe cyclical flooding near one of its major roadways, city leaders met to reevaluate how storm water was managed in several areas of the city. It was determined that flood areas 1 and 2 were the least developed and required additional storm water management components to reduce the costly damage and safety risks associated with flooding. Because the site was located near a main road that did not have an ideal alternative route, the construction schedule needed to be tight to minimize disruptions to traffic flow.

Precast box culverts manufactured by County Materials proved as an ideal solution. The readily available, ready-to-install precast components saved valuable time on site and reduced complete road closure to one day. Within two weeks, over 800 lineal feet of precast box culverts were installed and roadways were opened to full capacity.

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