Ready-Mix Provides the Main Ingredient for UW Stevens Point Science Building

Ready-Mix Provides the Main Ingredient for UW Stevens Point Science Building


Stevens Point, Wis.

Building a fully operational, state-of-the-art science facility requires many unique design demands. Durability comes to mind first, however this university asset also required sound reduction, aesthetic appeal and the ability to last for years to come. To meet these demands, the building was designed with a concrete superstructure in conjunction with a post tension system and connections with both masonry and structural steel throughout the building. The strong concrete super structure and post tension system aid in dissipating equipment noise and reducing vibration, maintaining a quiet learning environment.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Chemistry and Biology building opened in time for the start of the Fall 2018 semester. The building provides more than 2,500 students studying biology, chemistry or other sciences with one of the best classroom and laboratory experiences for research and learning in the nation.

Ready-mix was selected for creating the building’s superstructure because it is a strong and durable building material that is workable for crews on site. Miron Construction, the general contractor for the project, turned to County Materials Corporation to supply ready-mix. County Materials was selected as the supplier for the building’s structure for several reasons: namely the company’s ability to produce and deliver the high volume of ready-mix required, the company’s advanced batching abilities to meet design-mix demands, and the company’s skilled dispatch team and driver fleet that was able to meet changing delivery times all throughout the day and night.

Ready-mix was the most utilized building material for the science facility, making up approximately 75% of the structure. In total, County Materials supplied 6,580 cubic yards of ready-mix. “We used all types of concrete techniques from concrete pumping and placement to cold weather concrete on elevated decks,” commented Gerald David, the superintendent for the project.  “We faced many challenges and required various mix designs—with the help of County Materials, we had no issues with cure time, placement, delivery or quality.”

During the construction process there were many environmental obstacles. First, much of the construction, including ready-mix pours took place early in the morning to avoid vehicle and pedestrian traffic the campus sees throughout the day. In addition, there was a major storm that damaged the site, a long and cold winter, and a late winter snow storm. The time constraints and weather required several schedule changes and varying delivery times, which County Materials was able to effectively meet.

Although much of the ready-mix used in this project is covered up and unseen to the naked eye, it is the building’s most important component. During the construction process, County Materials was integral in maintaining the demanding construction schedule and supplying the many required design-mixes. Today, the long-awaited University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Chemistry and Biology building stands as a testament of community support and an icon for what is possible with ready-mix.

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