UW Oshkosh Sage Hall

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UW Oshkosh Sage Hall

Wisconsin Masonry Alliance- Excellence in Masonry 2012 Award Winner- Best of Clay Masonry

The masonry (Endicott Medium Ironspot #46) was chosen for its intrinsic beauty and for its resemblance to the brick of the Neo-Gothic 1918 Dempsey Hall, an early academic building on the UW Oshkosh campus. Dempsey Hall can be seen from the large student lounge on the third floor of Sage Hall.

The soft curvature of the south façade adds interest to a long, fully exposed four-story wall of faculty office windows. During the day, the play of light varies across the reflective finish of the masonry. Inside, behind the curved façade, the floor plate is widened in places where additional floor space is needed, and the long corridor that accesses the faculty offices, departmental labs and other resources is visually shortened by the curve of the wall.

The curved north façade of the one-story lecture hall building echoes this gesture and adds visual interest to another wall with a repetitive pattern of windows. Inside, the curve makes the entrance area generous and adds room for café seating and gathering space outside the two lecture halls, each of which seats 260 people.

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