Backyard Patio Benefits from County Block™ Retaining Wall System's Versatility

Backyard Patio Benefits from County Block™ Retaining Wall System's Versatility

The landscape contractor for this backyard patio was also the homeowner, which allowed him to easily add creative features as he installed his own dream patio. His overall goal was to incorporate attractive hardscape features in a way that would turn his flat backyard into an interesting and inviting outdoor space with views that captured attention from various vantage points.

The contractor accomplished this goal by using a blend of natural stone and manufactured hardscape products with plenty of curving features throughout. The contractor also added a stocked koi pond and many plants to maintain a natural feel for the outdoor space.

One of the most impressive features of this project is the creative use of County Block® retaining wall units throughout. The contractor designed a long retaining wall that neatly weaves through a planting bed to add elevation to the area. The wall slowly diminishes to nothing as it stretches away from the patio area. The project also features two oversized window wells, innovatively built with segmental retaining wall units. These unique window wells were specially designed to let additional light into the home’s lower levels and “expand the perceptions of the all too often, minimalist and utility sized window wells,” the contractor explained.

One of the major challenges of this project was turning the flat yard into a one of a kind project with several elevation changes throughout. The contractor excavated out most of the area now covered with pavers. This allowed for a lower patio area with additional privacy. Most of that soil was then used in creating a mound behind the koi pond, which features many green plants and natural stones.

The contractor began the project at the beginning of May 2017. During the installation process, he took his time to think about unique design features he could add along the way. Working on the project only in his free time, it all came together into this final masterpiece a month and a half later.

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