Thin Veneers Manufactured by County Materials Revitalize Community Bank

Thin Veneers Manufactured by County Materials Revitalize Community Bank

Product Colors:

Burgundy Blend (Heritage Collection), Enchantment (Reflection Stone)


Wausau, WI

Advantage Community Bank is a small bank with four locations spread throughout central Wisconsin. For more than 100 years the bank has supported local businesses, farms and families. As a local business itself, community pride is an important tradition for Advantage Community Bank, and part of promoting community pride meant renovating one of their locations to create an appealing visual impact for their neighbors and bank members. To create this visual impact, the bank turned to Thin Veneer Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick and Thin Veneer Reflection Stone® Masonry Units manufactured by County Materials Corporation.

Thin concrete masonry veneers were selected for this renovation project for the high visual impact they provide, all at a low cost and because they require little time for installation. With the use of a polymer modified mortar, the Heritage Collection Thin Veneers were adhered directly to the existing brick. No demolition was required, and no existing brick had to be removed. This sped up the renovation time and kept the bank open throughout the renovation period. Design creativity led to adding many bump outs and new columns for additional visual appeal. The flexibility of manufactured thin veneers helped ease the installation of these new features.

Previous to the renovation, the bank had outdated white brick that did not match the site. This branch is located on hilly terrain with large amounts of exposed rock throughout the area. Now the bank has a mix of a natural appearing manufactured stone with the use of Reflection Stone and Heritage Brick that mirrors the surrounding exposed rock. Embracing the building’s surroundings by mimicking natural aesthetics establishes both character and enhances the building’s relationship to the site.

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