The Village of Hewitt Modernizes Storm Water Management System with Concrete Culverts from County Materials

Reinforced Horizontal Elliptical Pipe Ideal Solution for Sites with Shallow Ground Cover, Flat Terrain, and Higher Flow Capacities

In early October 2019, Mike Draxler, a trustee with the Village of Hewitt in Central Wisconsin, contacted County Materials seeking storm water management solutions. The small village was struggling with regular flooding in residential areas and water flows over the tops of roadways. 

The root of the village’s problem began with undersized metal culverts. The existing culverts were not only undersized, but many were corroded to the point that they were no longer performing. Looking for a reliable solution for the village, Draxler contacted County Materials. Replacing the metal culverts with larger concrete culverts was the clear solution.

A representative from County Materials performed a site visit and recommended the village install reinforced horizontal elliptical pipe because of shallow ground cover and the flat terrain at the culvert site locations. Draxler understood that reinforced concrete pipe inherently has a longer service life than all other culvert materials and he supported the selection of concrete pipe as a long-term solution. Draxler took this information to the village and the village quickly approved. 

An order was soon placed with County Materials. Due to site conditions, the culverts were designed with joint ties and precast end walls to finish the grading area at each location. In total, the village’s storm water management system was modernized with 48’ of 34” x 53” class III elliptical pipe with gasket joints, 208’ of 29” x 45” class III elliptical pipe with gasket joints, 6 apron end walls in 34” x 53” size, and 12 apron end walls 29” x 45” in size. 

Two weeks after the initial site visit, County Materials began delivery of the culverts to the village. To facilitate the required late season installation, County Materials relied on both its Rib Falls, WI and Madison, WI production facilities to manufacture and deliver the pipe. 

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