The Store

The Store

Product Colors:

Locust Blend (County Stone), Brandywine and Coffee Blend (Heritage Collection)


Weston, WI

‘The Store’ gas station in Weston is one of a series designed for the same franchise owner. Located at the intersection of County Road J and Schofield Avenue, the main building is 6,442 SF and includes an approximately 1,880 SF Subway restaurant attached on the north end.

The building has two colors of concrete brick color. A coffee-toned blend was used on the convenience side of the building as it goes well with the signature orange color used by The Store brand. A burgundy colored brick sets the Subway portion of the building apart. The contrasting brick colors (along with distinctive building height and design details such as curved aluminum tube window decorations versus awnings) create the effect of two separate buildings, perhaps built at separate times for separate functions. The intent was for the building to feel as though it has been there for quite some time.

The owner wanted the Subway to have the option of adding a drive thru in the future. To accommodate this option, the window at the back of the building is removable to facilitate easy installation of a drive thru window.

Using concrete brick saved on cost compared to clay brick while still providing the desired aethetics. A larger, 3 5⁄8" x 3 5⁄8" x 11 5⁄8" utility brick size was selected over standard modular brick for cost effectiveness and speed of installation.

Inside the building, natural stone was used to create a unique accent on the wall adjacent to the restroom area. The stone helps the building avoid the sterile look that many convenience stores have. Its variegated colors complement the orange accents, and create a natural-looking surface which fits in well with the contemporary look of the store’s interior.

The biggest challenge on this project was the short construction timeline. Construction began in April, 2014, and all sub contractors had to be on site simultaneously in order to finish in time for the store to open in August, 2014.

In order to expedite the timeline of the project, the exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) was installed prior to the masonry. Unfortunately, after the masonry had been installed it was discovered that the EIFS was ‘in’ from the edge of the masonry instead of overhanging it as it should have been. The EIFS contractor returned to the site and added additional foam in order to fix the problem.

Feedback on the project has been very positive. The owner is pleased with how the building fits in well with his previous projects, and the location has so far proved to be ideal. 

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