Taming Aggressive Slopes with County Block® Retaining Wall System

Taming Aggressive Slopes with County Block® Retaining Wall System

Taming aggressive slopes is an essential part of converting a backyard into a usable space. There was no question County Block® Retaining Wall System manufactured by County Materials was the best option to meet the design and site challenges for this backyard. County Block units provide one of the strongest and longest lasting connections available without the hassle or costs of mortar, special equipment or hard-to-find tools. County Block is ideal for large applications because of their simple pin system and fillable cores that enhance interlock.

County Block Retaining Wall units in Swiss Mocha were used to construct the three levels of retaining wall and the impressive round parapet which created an intimate gathering place around a fire pit. The same retaining wall units and caps were used to build the steps leading down to the backyard. Along with careful craftsmanship, County Block units provide a level and safe walking space for stair applications. Summit Stone Landscape Units were used to surround the parapet for added safety and aesthetic appeal.

The County Block Retaining Wall System is manufactured in both a standard and jumbo sizes. The corner unit used in this patio helped to form the stairs, reducing the need for custom cutting and splitting onsite.

The large terraced retaining walls leveled out the extreme elevation changes in the backyard allowing for maximum patio space near the house. The large patio was created utilizing Grand Milestone® Pavers and Destination® Pavers in Haven. Elements™ Paving Stones in 4” x 8” units in Reflection create a soldier course boarder around the patio. The Destination Pavers enhance the space around the fire pit by offering the natural aesthetics of flagstone in an easy to install modular design.  

Outdoor living spaces are not only meant for day time—late night bonfires are where memories are created. This is why the homeowner desired significant lighting by each step. Lighting highlights the walls’ surface and illuminates the walking paths and stairs for safety at night.

This stunning lake front home maximized use of the site and created easily accessible features with the use of County Block Retaining Wall Systems. County Block not only enhance the look of the entire property, but also offered a stable foundation for the large outdoor living space. 

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