Taliespin Way Residence

Taliespin Way Residence

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Weston, WI

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this 4000 square foot Central Wisconsin home was designed to fit seamlessly with nature, and provide its residents with peaceful and comfortable surroundings. The dwelling was conceived by listening to the wants and needs of the homeowner, wedding the home to the property, and using the principals of Wright's organic architecture.

A sense of light and airy space pervades the structure, grounded with the strength and beauty of stone. A large number of windows create a feeling of "inviting nature in.” Wood and stone are used throughout and provide a tangible connection to the heavily wooded site. They are also key elements in maintaining the organic and natural theme of the structure.

The home includes an immense number of custom items, including lights, concrete tops, concrete floors, 77 windows with custom trim, integral wood ceiling designs, and a vast amount of stone. As with every project, the owner had a budget they wanted to adhere to. Careful selection of masonry materials helped keep the project within the budgetary goal.

Align Stone panels were used not only for the central fireplace and façade, but also for many of the interior walls. This provided a cost effective way to include a large quantity of stone into the design. The selected stone features a high degree of natural color variation, and echoes the dappled light filtering through branches and leaves on the wooded home site. The distinct and beautiful color and texture of the stone lend a feeling of warmth that is very inviting.

Using colored concrete for the floor was another economical choice that enhances the beauty and integrity of the home. Its warm color and polished texture complement the stone, and reflect light in interesting ways. Both the concrete and the natural stone are featured both indoors and out, blurring the boundaries between the home’s interior and the natural surroundings.

Despite the relaxing nature of the home, this was a fast track project. Construction from backfill of the foundation to completion was completed 25% faster than usual for this builder in order to have it ready for the area’s annual Parade of Homes. The owners received many positive comments on the beauty and warmth of the stone, and the way in which it was used on the project. People really enjoyed the durability and warmth of the polished concrete floors as well.

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